Vegan Option


Please note: Last orders are 9pm Sunday to Thursday and 10pm on Friday and Saturday

Vegan Dishes

Our chefs have created this menu for you.
Every meal is 100% vegan and uses only the finest of natural ingredients.




Tomato & Cucumber Salad - £5.95

Cherry tomatoes arranged with cucumber slices , served on a bed of carrot crisps with red wine cranberry sauce and watercress.


Nachos - £4.95

Nachos topped with melted vegan cheese with a choice of dips (sour cream, Napoli tomato sauce, Salsa).



Spaghetti Carrot and Courgette Pasta - £11.95

Cooked with seasonal vegetables, fresh garlic, basil and cherry tomatoes.

Wedged Salad - £9.50

Iceberg lettuce wedged topped with cherry tomatoes, peppers drizzled with balsamic and lemon dressing.


Lasagne - £10.95

Homemade lasagne using red kidney bean Bolognese, lasagne pasta sheets, cheese and bechamel sauce.

Slow Cooked Portobella Mushrooms - £11.45

Portabella mushrooms slow cooked in Napoli sauce, topped with jalapenos and mango, served with new potatoes.


See our pizza menu as we have vegan cheese. We make both the dough and pizza sauce in our kitchen so can make a pizza of your choice.


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